Mrs. Lisa Rerucha | 3rd-4th Grade

Welcome to 3rd-4th grade! 

My goal for this page is to let you know a few things, of the many, that have been going on in our classroom to use as a discussion between you and your child.
     We have recently finished a literature unit about friendship.  Please ask your child how Raymond and the other kids treated Ut and her sister and why.  Ask your child how Raymond and Ut became friends.  Ask your child how they would treat a child from another country and how they could become friends with them.
     Please have your child tell you as much as they remember of Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson, and how PeeWee Reese stood up for Jackie in front of a crowd.  Ask your child if they have ever stood up for a friend or when they think would stand up for a friend.
     Ask your child what qualities they have that make them a good friend.  Ask them ways they can end conflicts with friends.  Please remind your kids that they do not have to make the same decisions as their friends and please share with them about your successful friendships and why they work. 
      I hope to hear about some of the discussions on this topic you have with your child!